My Vegan Diet

I’ve been wanting to write, but not finding the time. Finally got in the studio!

Feeling creative again! Feeling relieved, Fiona’s IEP is finished, she’s set up for Kindergarten, at our Homeschool!!! We get to walk! So happy about that.

And, the BIG news is I took my blood tests on Saturday and my lipids are perfect! My score went down 100 points in three months!

Three months ago:

And now:

Can you believe it? I couldn’t be happier! Except my doctor said I have to eat like this for the rest of my life. I’m officially a Vegan for Life!

I will start adding writing daily back to my life. I’ve added yoga back more frequently and therapy!

I read a passage from one of my journals that I wrote several months ago. At first I didn’t recognize it. I was shocked by how paranoid and dark the writing was. I thought, man I must have been really depressed. It’s scary to think I could change so drastically due to circumstances. I hope I don’t have to go to that dark place again.

Thank god for medication! I have to accept the mind and body that I have. It’s very important to do so. It feels good to get into sync with my true nature. And treat myself right.

I am naturally an optimistic person.

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