Fading Moss on the Tree Trunks

Creek, only a trickle of water left below a backdrop of tan hills. Rust colored bay leaves on the dry ground, fallen tree, roots exposed, cut, covered in dirt, spiderwebs. Moss fading on tree trunks, birds chirp and woodpeckers peck. I write on the back of Jack and Fiona’s summer school schedule as I sit on a rock under tree’s taking a break on my morning hike. It’s hot today and my dog Billy can’t go as far or as fast in this weather- this year. It’s a strange transition to go through, a dog getting older. Billy has always been a durable dog, never getting very tired. She always knew how to pace herself. I have to be very careful with her this summer. I read it’s supposed to be one of the hottest summers on record here, on the pacific coast. The sky already looks hazy and smoky. Summer is here.

Jack and Fiona were so excited for their first day of summer camp. I still have my reservations about Fiona being there all day with only one hearing aid and where no one knows any sign language. On our way to summer camp this morning I was telling Fiona again, make sure you tell the kids and camp counselors to talk to your right side, tell them if you didn’t understand what they say, make sure they know when your hearing aids are off you can’t hear them. Fiona said, what if I can’t hear the kids talking when they are talking to each other? I told her, It’s O.K., you don’t need to hear everything everyone is saying at summer camp, just have fun. It would be cool if someone knew sign language there, maybe someone will? Fiona should be in an ASL camp or a camp specifically for Deaf/HOH kids. Maybe next year. Or maybe she brings an interpreter with her next time. I tried to find an interpreter for her this year, I called two Interpreter agencies and there were no interpreters available in Marin County.

After I pick up Fiona we have to go to the ENT. I feel bad she has to go to another doctor appointment. There are two more audiology appointments this month as well. I feel like she’s gone to enough appointments for now. Nothing is going to make her hear again, except maybe cochlear implants, but that decision is a long way off. The audiologist said her hearing would have to stabilize first before even considering that. And the amount of doctor appointments that getting cochlear implants will take is beyond what I would want to put Fiona through right now.

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