Day Twelve-Trying to hold it together

Our Being Human groups new show’s tentative title is “Holding it Together”. This is the show I am working on my project “20 Days in a Pandemic” I am desperately trying to hold it together! I finally figured out the problem with Fiona’s FM system. Two of the FM’s were broken/ not set correctly. But the biggest problem is Fiona’s hearing aid is set so loud that anytime someone unmutes on her Zoom calls it causes horrible static feedback. This means Fiona can’t use the FM anymore on Zoom virtual class. So that’s that. Next week we will try to accommodate Fiona and figure out how she can still participate in her education. She will need to rely on her interpreter.

Last night Fiona couldn’t sleep at all. She said she heard BOOM BOOM In her ear. I think her tinnitus was acting up. Then she was having nightmares. I couldn’t fall back asleep after 2:30am. I am so tired! I am so tired from trying to fix Fiona’s education constantly. It is really hard.

I was able to work in my studio for a short time today. I hope to have more time in there next week, but now with the new situation with Fiona I think I will start to have less time.

Mind fatigue

I was able to sort the laundry and put away all my husbands clothes! And make a good dinner last night!

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