Space apocalyptic domesticity

here I am again, thank goodness. 

Strange day today, strange day indeed. Cheerios got the better of me this morning. Jack stuck his spoon in the little tupperwear of cheerios, I thought he might like milk, so I added some. The whole container was on the floor in ten seconds flat.  “Mother fucker” no,  I didn’t say that until after I bent down to wipe up the mess and WHACK, hit my head on the granite. I know jack and Fiona don’t mean it in a bad way when they decorate the floor with their  food , it’s just exhausting cleaning the floor all day long. 

 I worked today on the pieces I started yesterday, most of them ended up in the re-invent pile. I really like where they’ve taken me though, and feel I am on a slight path to something? Experimenting with line, color, marks, spontaneity. It’s so easy to go too far on these. It’s also hard to stop when my mind/body is wanting to keep going. I really have to say no and start a new one. 

  I’m really enjoying working in my notebooks, I am learning so much from them. I also feel totally free, I just lay down marks without worrying “what next?”  

I won’t be able to work very much in my studio this weekend because I’m having a house guest. That always gives me such anxiety. To know I may not have any time to paint or write. But it’s important to socialize and see family. To relax! Drink wine and make a great meal! I’m looking forward to it. 


2 thoughts on “Space apocalyptic domesticity

  1. I love the photos of the art in context. Pretty awesome. And also I can relate with the mess and the cheerios and milk–I’m also a mother of twins! Mine are just over two years old 🙂 Glad I found your blog.

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