It’s A New Day, with all the grit and grime, all the sweet beautifuls

I’m in my studio, starving, finally hungry. Wondering if I Really need to endure the range of emotions I feel on a daily basis. So deeply penetrated. The answer is probably yes. Jack and Fiona are taking their nap now. This morning Fiona had throw up in her bed and Jack had a diarrhea blow out. My mind scanned all possible scenarios.  Should we stay home? Are the babies sick? Are they contagious? What about snack, it’s my day to bring snack to early start. I really want to go to spin. The babies seem fine, they’re not acting sick, so I decide to bring them to the gym and Early Start. They did great all day long, and so have I. They didn’t even fall asleep on the way home so they are getting a really great nap. All the things I worry about didn’t happen today, some things I worry about did happen. 

I’m still using word and paint in my work. It’s really exciting. I love my pieces I just painted right now. 

I’m also so excited about my notebooks. 

The babies will probably wake up soon. 

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