Thelonious Monk, Rain, and War

Thelonious Monk, Rain, and War. That is today, November 24, 2015, 5:06PM. I’m in my studio, got some time to paint and work in a couple GAP colab books. Spent some time researching galleries and getting warmed up to start writing Gallery Proposals to show the incredible work we’ve all been making. The time is now. As I drove down the street this morning and heard the news, a Russian plane shot down because it was in Turkish air space, apparently Russia’s fighting a different war, than the US, France, and Britain. I thought this really is WW3. At the same time I thought maybe this will finally bring the sane people of the world together, maybe there’s some way to move forward in peace. To keep the dream alive, to make this world a better place, corny I know. I know it’s definitely not a time for silence. I think art is one of the most important tools there is for communication. Definitely. It’s hard to stay the course. I don’t make any money at being an artist, I just spend money. I regard myself as a professional artist but I don’t think my husband does, I don’t blame him. I guess to be a professional artist there needs to be money coming in and a gallery. And I’m all for it.


Time is moving so fast, it’s already the end of November. Today is almost over. The past two days have been like that. I feel both grounded and panicked. Like I’m getting everything done but still have so much to do. I feel like I’m preparing for the war. Tying up loose ends, stocking up, getting strong. Yesterday I took my road bike out for the first time since the babies were born, I couldn’t believe how strong I am. I rode up my hill no problem, before it’s so steep I used to think I was going to tip over. I feel like the babies have turned me into a warrior. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.


Time to finish up my beef stew, give the babies a bath, and read bedtime stories. Thank you Thelonious Monk for my music this afternoon. Thank you rain and wind and to the orange and red leaves blowing all around me and thank you crazy war mongers, with your destruction and constant fighting of a war that will never end you remind me how important people are and how we are all connected.


4 thoughts on “Thelonious Monk, Rain, and War

  1. Can’t say I want to thank the war, but I know what you mean about twins making you into a warrior! I think maybe the buffness is beginning to wear off for me now that mine are too big to be carrying around much.

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  2. I know I HATE the war! I was being facetious! I’m so upset about our world. I go from feeling like i’m going to use the energy of my feelings to do something to the next day like today feeling totally sad!
    But on the positive note you can relate to the strength from twins!!! Its crazy huh? Who would of thought? My son is SOOO heavy though I can barely hold him!! Hope you’re doing well!!

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  3. Thanks you too! How old are your twins? I can’t lift mine at the same time anymore, which is too bad because there are a lot of times when it would make life a lot easier. I know what you mean about emotionally feeling so different day to day–I think that’s particularly hard to deal with when you’re home with kids or working by yourself. Anyway happy thanksgiving to you.

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  4. Happy turkey day to you too! Mine are 21 months, i think you said yours were like 2ish? Its exhausting! My son is sick and crying a lot! And snotty! Anyhow!!! At least the dishes are cleaned already!

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