Art Day, Stormy Saturday, Sunny Sunday

7:16 AM, Sunday morning. It’s the type of morning that has Hallelujah written all over it, and if I was a church going woman I’d be there this morning singing loud and free. The storm has made everything sparkly clean, I hear a red finch singing, they’re back from migration. A Blue jay sits on top of the tree outside my window. The babies are still sleeping and the house is quiet. Hallelujah. My only complaint, I just drank the last sip of my coffee. I need another cup. It will take me away from writing for a minute. I don’t have much time to write, babies will be up soon. Fuck it, let me put on the kettle. O.K.


We went wild with art yesterday, just like I wanted to. I had time to work in my studio while Jack and Fiona took their nap. I worked on some pieces I had started on Friday, ruined most of them.


I also started working on one of the smaller linen canvases. I couldn’t believe how smooth it was and how everything I did showed up so beautifully. I kept saying “leave it” but kept working, until the linen was all covered up. Today I’ll work more and see what happens. The other thing I kept saying was “Oh Shit, I love linen” scary. Around 2:30PM, just like clockwork I hear the babies waking from their nap. I clean up my studio and set up the kitchen for our afternoon activity. Plastic, white paper, cover the kitchen table. I set up the babies little table with crayons and playdough and the big table with stamps and paints. I set my stuff up on one side and the babies on the other side. We have so much fun.


Fiona stays painting much longer than Jack, he wants to watch T.V.! And since it’s a stormy Saturday afternoon and we are partying like there’s no tomorrow I let Jack watch T.V. to his heart’s content. When Fiona is done painting I move the little table over by the T.V. with playdough and crayons and coloring books.


I continue working on art, it’s brilliant, I can watch the babies and work on art.  If it was up to me this whole house would turn into an art studio. I let the babies get messy, eat in the living room, be totally free. I order pizza and drink a glass of wine. When the day is finally coming to an end the house looks like that story, The Cat in the Hat, the rainy day one when they make a huge mess. I try to get the babies to help me pick up blocks and Legos, but they are too distracted and I want to get it done, so I do it myself. I pick up cheese fish, animal crackers, pizza crust, bits of playdough. I put everything back in its spot, vacuum, take the babies downstairs. “I’ll be right back to read you a book” come back up, finish putting away all the art supplies, do the dishes, clean the counters, put away the vacuum cleaner, and go back down to read Jack and Fiona their bedtime story.


I wake up this morning to a clean house.  The babies are still pretty quiet, but must be awake by now. What should we do today? Something to do with nature.

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