Closet Can Wait, Studio Time more important

O.K., here I am, again: Studio, fan on, hour remaining, supposed to clean closet, painted crazy, did book entries, work on GAP frag project. Don’t know if paintings are done yet. Think they are. In big trouble.  Painting on large canvas, going to become a problem; quickly. Have nowhere to store. Been painting over them, several times, make sure; fully take advantage of working on a surface that allows me to work over my paintings several times; unlike paper. When I work on paper I like to leave as much of the paper as possible, or feel it’s over worked.  I overwork canvases too, get mad and throw them away. But that’s usually after I bring out the oils out of desperation. Having my Notebook Project and now, my GAP Frag exchange project I can divert my attention from A painting that’s driving me crazy.  Glad I got in my studio today. Closet can wait.

Spent the day home with the babies; Runny noses. We played by the fig tree, the empty garden, watched butterflies, birds, and squirrels. We ate mango, watermelon, quesadillas, the babies had hot dogs and popcorn. I told  Jack and Fiona what it meant to be a vegetarian. I asked them if they were vegetarians. Jack said yes. Then I asked Jack, “Do you like to eat meat?” He said “Yes”. I told them they can choose to eat animals or not, it was up to them. I told them I’m a vegetarian. Even though I do eat meat sometimes. As I was having this conversation, MOM popped in my head. I felt like a real Mom. A Parent. Deciding when I give my children choice and what is the Law. I am shaping them, shaping their minds. It’s strange. I’m in charge. I like to give lots of freedom. Choice.

Time to go now. I have to go. Time went by so fast. I’m so glad I came in my studio.

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