SIMPATICO is UP! (and so are my babies from their nap)

Babies still asleep; they’ll be up soon. The day is October grey, my favorite kind of day. There’s a new darkness in the sky. A dampness in the air. My fingers are slightly chilly from my studio; nap time paintings. The top of the California Red Bud is bright rust. We set up SIMPATICO yesterday at The Fourth Wall Gallery. The show looks amazing. It’s gorgeous. I am so happy We had help curating the show, TaVee Mc Allister did such a wonderful job; each piece is showcased, each piece spectacular. We are updating the “Under $250 Bin”. I worked on some paintings today I LOVE! They are a true “score” for $250. Fiona went into my studio today, opened up a container of bright pink paint. She smeared a blob of paint on a painting laying on the floor. It inspired me to use the bright pink paint for the rest of the day. I just heard Jack say, “Mama!”. Nap time is over now. They’ve been such good babies today, and the past couple of days. They’re turning into little people, but they’re still my little babies. The fridge fans just clicked on, reminding me I still need to cook dinner tonight. It’s a good soup and grilled cheese sandwich day. Tomato soup. As I look around I realize there’s so much picking up to do too. I just don’t feel like doing it though. I want to be relaxed around Jack and Fiona, not stressed about the mess. My new motto, “Don’t stress about the mess”.  

2 thoughts on “SIMPATICO is UP! (and so are my babies from their nap)

  1. Saw Simpatico over the weekend and was absolutely blown away! Congratulations on an amazing show. And thank you for offering inexpensive pieces in the bin – while your larger scale works might not be in my budget (yet!) I was able to bring home a smaller piece that I absolutely adore.


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