Studio Moment

Eyes shaky, Head foggy, feel a twitch under my eye every so often. Fan on, humming louder than I remember it. An old muffin wrapper, black pepper in a tin can, salt in glass, a yogurt top with dried yogurt on it, a shriveled-up apple core, a plastic bag that once contained a hardboiled egg, a sports bra, paintings, bits and pieces of paintings, plastic bags from the art store, receipts, old socks that became rags, paintings, paint tubes, brushes, everything used, everything marching to its last stroke, it’s last droplet of paint, used up, garbage now, painting like a mad woman. I can’t stop painting. Just one more thing, one more color. Does it work? Does it not work?  I guess it’s right for this moment. Deep breath. Take a drink of water. Calm down. Turn off fan. It’s quiet now. Let eyes adjust. Don’t focus on twitch. In through the nose out from the mouth.

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