Morning Dark Sky -OPTIMISM in the air 

I feel optimistic today, I feel a change coming, a collective shift in our shared conciousness. All week I’ve been scared shitless about Donald Trump and his followers. The racists coming out of the woodworks has me reeling. To think if Trump wins, the people holding the Hitler signs will have validation, (in thier minds). But This morning I have a feeling that he WILL NOT WIN. TRUMP WILL NOT BECOME OUR PRESIDENT. I had insomnia last night,  as I lay awake, fears of raising my two kids for the next four years of their life under a Trump government, during the collapse of America as we know it. All the progress that’s been made, down the drains. The economy, dire. But NO, I have faith there are enough people VOTING for HILARY CLINTON  to not let that happen!!! 

I was sick again this week, I missed my own art opening last night, which totally sucked. It’s been a rough week, again. (I read a headline that says “complaining rewires your brain, making you more prone to depression and anxiety”) , but the week really was hard. Both babies sick again, then me and Alan. Jack going through a whining and hitting phase. Fiona’s still my angel! ( waiting for the three’s to hit her) I didn’t get many breaks , two days no naps. I finally got in my studio yesterday, which was awesome! This is the first I’ve written in a week. I’m feeling a lot better now. 

Today will be a good day. A busy day, family day at Early Start(Fiona’s school)  and a wedding to go to! But I’m feeling optimistic! I’m sending out positive vibes! 



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