Set Up Day! And my little Basketball star!

6:49AM Monday morning, babies still sleeping, outside the fog rests low in the sky. Today Carl and I are delivering our work to Room Gallery in Mill Valley. I can’t wait to see the work and see the show! I think it’s, I know it’s going to look spectacular, interesting, beautiful, diverse, intimate and contemporary. Show visitors will want to go back and visit multiple times. It will be up for two months so there is plenty of time. All the work is for sale, even the books, even though I almost want to keep my Dis/Locations book I just finished because I love it so much, am so proud of it, learned so much working on it, and know it’s a gold mine of beautiful pieces, but if a true collector wanted to buy it, and the price was worth it I would have to sell. I need to sell to make space for more work, and need funds for supplies! It is a job, being an artist. A full time job.

IMG_7660 (Edited)

My other full time job, motherhood, is going well. The weekend went well, Jack and Fiona surprised me multiple times with their new understanding of language, their emerging ability to reply when I ask them a question, and Jacks obsession with basketball. We’ve had a little Tikes basketball hoop since the babies were eight months old. They both have played with it a lot, but have had more fun tipping it over and sitting on it, than shooting hoops. A few weeks ago I found this cheap basketball hoop that goes over a door or the back of a chair. Jack loved it, he played and played, shooting in all sizes of balls, stuffed toys, his blue blue. He would play all day long, asking us to play too, “mommy daddy your turn” we would shoot, then he’d say, “My turn”. One day he sees our neighbor playing basketball with his son, Ki. He wanted to go play with KI so bad, every day, “Ki Ball” he would say this multiple times a day. But Ki’s already at least seven, maybe eight.  So we bought Jack a mini basketball hoop for his room and screwed it to the closet door. Every night since, at bed time, before we read our books and snuggle Jack practices shooting hoops. He takes it seriously, two hands, bent knees, total concentration. He hits the rim in different ways, the hoops high enough it’s not an easy shot and he only makes it two or three times a session. But he keeps practicing, giving me and Daddy a turn, “Daddy turn” “mommy turn” then “My turn”. Fiona’s not that into it. I felt bad last night because Jack was on fire, I think he thought he was a Warrior. I’ve put on the game for him a few times. He was bigger than life the way he was shooting the basketball. The energy and passion he had. Then out of the blue he ran up to me and gave me a big hug. Fiona was watching Jack too, but not playing. I tried to see what she wanted to do, I tried to see if she wanted to play with her dolls, she wasn’t that interested. The only thing I know Fiona is passionate about is opening things and getting into things she’s not supposed to! I want to make sure I’m supporting her and encouraging her as much as I encourage Jack. I had an awful thought of Fiona living life in Jacks shadow because of her hearing loss. He is talking and understanding so much, and I can understand him. Fiona’s words are much harder to understand. I think she needs more one on one time with me. I need to figure out how to make that happen. She doesn’t like to be away from Jack though. Interesting problem.

I better start getting ready, making the babies breakfast, taking a shower and getting dressed. I’ve got a busy morning! Pick up a few pieces from the frame shop, pick up Carl and the work he’s framed, then deliver our work to Room!!! Yea! Hope to see you tomorrow at the opening!    

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